4 lakh katha |Morang | Cheap Agriculture Land For Sale at Nepal | 6 katha Sasto jagga Bikrima | 7 lakh 10 Dhur Ghaderi Bikrima | Direct contact owner | by bhubanthapa youtube Channel | Real Estate Nepal | www.realestatenepal.net


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4 lakh katha |Morang Agriculture Land For Sale | 6 katha Sasto jagga Bikrima | 7 lakh 10 Dhur Ghaderi Bikrima | Direct contact owner | by bhubanthapa youtube Channel | Real Estate Nepal | www.realestatenepal.net

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about this video : in this video i have shown the complete location of property on sale ,of morang ma sasto Ramro khet  and sasto ramro Ghaderi bikrima ,Details ,price ,phone number ,video ma paunu hunxa ,if interested you can call Directly on the Given number ,to view property and for Deal

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